When you finish the development, you can run the following command to build your application:

$ npm run build


Since Ant Design Pro use Umi as development tool, complex processes have been encapsulated and for most scenarios only one command umi build is required to build the package, after build successfully, it will generate the dist folder in the root directory, which contains packaged files, usually static files like *.js, *.css, index.html.

But if you want to custom the build result, like specify the result directory, you can configure it in config/config.ts, refer to Umi configuration for v3 or Umi configuration for v4 for more details.

Analyze build result

If your build file is large, you can optimize your code with the analyze command to build and analyze the volume distribution of dependent modules.

npm run analyze

The command will open analyze result in your default browser automatically.

Server-side rendering (SSR)

Server-Side Rendering refers to the process of page processing technology where the HTML structure of the page is spliced on the server side, sent to the browser, and then bound to the state and events to become a fully interactive page.

If you need to open it, you can configure the following code in config/config.tsx to open:

export default {
ssr: {},

ssr is a very advanced usage and requires a deep understanding of the front-end technology stack, please use it with caution.